Company Key Facts

  • Founded in 1994


  • 426 completed or ongoing design, construction supervision, and consulting services projects


  • 20 completed or ongoing projects according to FIDIC Conditions of Contract


  • 74 permanent full-time employees (of which 61 engineers) and 36 part-time consultants


  • 3 permanent offices in Sofia, Varna and Vidin


  • Revenues of 2.5 million euro for fiscal year 2013

Why Rutex: 6 reasons

FULL-SERVICE CONSULTANCY: RUTEX is the first Bulgarian engineering consulting firm, organized along the lines of similar international companies. While most of our Bulgarian competitors specialize either in design or construction supervision, we provide the full range of engineering services in the field of infrastructure. This allows us to have a complete view and understanding of all the aspects and issues related to the implementation of an infrastructure project - from feasibility studies to the submission of the finished construction for acceptance by a state commission. The company has a dynamic structure, which allows it to effectively use the full potential and diverse skills of its engineers in order to deliver comprehensive solutions to its customers. Our experts in construction supervision seek out the opinion and advice of their designer colleagues, when, during the process of construction, they face a problem related to an already developed design. At the same time, our designers are often involved in construction supervision projects, which gives them an advantage due to their deeper understanding of the pratical specifics of the construction process.
PROJECT DIVERSITY: Out of all the Bulgarian engineering consulting firms, RUTEX has completed the greatest variety of projects in the different sectors of construction. Without any cost or time overruns, we have completed projects for roads, highways, city boulevards, bridges, railroads, airports, water and sewerage networks, water treatment plants, waste depots, coastal protection structures, dams, ports, buildings and parks. At the same time, in some sectors such as airport infrastructure, RUTEX has gained specialized experience so extensive that the company can now compete with international engineering consultancies in this field.
EXPERIENCED FULL-TIME EXPERTS: RUTEX chooses to work predominantly with permanent full-time engineers. During the last 10 years, the company has always maintained a team of 70+ engineers with permanent employment contracts. As of mid-2014, among these experts there are 22 transport engineers, 10 hydro engineers, 7 structural engineers, 16 land surveyors, as well as geologists, electrical engineers, materials engineers and others. Some of these experts have worked for RUTEX since its founding, and 10 of them have over 15 years of experience at the company. We believe that very few Bulgarian engineering-consulting firms have such a variety of experienced professionals with long-term commitment to the company. Over the past 10 years, RUTEX has paid over 7.5 million euros into the state budget for social security and medical insurance, VAT, profit and other taxes, while its revenues for the same period amount to 16 million euros.
INDEPENDENCE: RUTEX is a fully independent company with transparent ownership. The company is not affiliated in any way with other international or Bulgarian companies, as well as state-owned enterprises. This allows us freedom of action in defending the interests of our clients.
FIDIC  EXPERTISE: RUTEX is one of the three Bulgarian engineering-consulting companies with the most projects undertaken according to FIDIC Conditions of Contract. The company has completed, or is currently working on 9 projects under FIDIC Yellow Book and 11 projects under FIDIC Red Book.
INNOVATION: RUTEX has an ongoing cooperation with leading universities and research institutes, as well as with major international companies. This helps our team adopt new technologies and organizational methods in the field of infrastructure construction.


Certificates and refererences

ISO 9001



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